Dog agility is all about navigating your dog around an obstacle course at speed!    Dogs learn how to perform obstacles independently and run at speed while their handler uses their body language to tell them where to go!   It is seriously good fun and if they are taught the right way most dogs absolutely love it!

As you can see it is rather similar to the equestrian sport, show-jumping.   Although the dogs are trained how to complete each of the obstacles,  every agility course is different.   Therefore when the dog is on the start line they have no idea where they will be going. The handler’s job to direct them around the course so they complete all the obstacles in the correct order .. as fast they can!

It is a great thrill to run a dog around an agility course.   It takes a lot of training… first we train the dogs to run fast and have fun and go where you want them to… and then we gradually teach individual equipment skills…  all the time building confidence and speed and teaching you how to get them to go the right way when they are running fast!