At Spring into Action our priority is for dogs to have fun!   And while dog agility is essentially an obstacle course for dogs we will start by training the dogs to move fast and independently in the right direction!   So our Beginners classes will start by having a lot of fun with tunnels to work on motivation, speed and obstacle focus.  Dogs will therefore develop confidence,  drive and focus BEFORE learning how to negotiate agility equipment!


The First Four Weeks

Beginners can start at the club in one of two ways – either when we start an entirely new class in which case they will start with our four-week introductory course (see below)… or by joining one of our rolling beginners classes.  These classes are continuous weekly classes that accept new beginners as and when places become available.  As a beginner you will still initially sign up for 4 weeks before deciding whether to continue with the class.

During our 4-week introductory course your dog will be introduced to tunnels,   a dogwalk plank (which they will learn to run fast over without coming off!) and channel weaves (dogs are taught to weave independently by teaching them to run through a channel and then gradually narrowing the channel until it straight and the dog is weaving).   They may also start running through jump wings.



Puppies aged 6 months and over are welcome in our beginners classes as all dogs joining one of our agility classes do six months “flatwork” before starting to jump, climb or weave.    This is very important for puppies as jumping,  climbing and weaving will put too much stress on their developing bodies.

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